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Donald Trump speaks in New York

Who holds the Trump card?

The exponential growth in China’s economy over the past forty years has brought hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens out of poverty and advanced the Chinese people’s standard of living…

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President Donald Trump and Jerome Powell

The biggest risk to the US economy?

In early October, the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell expressed his delight that the US economy was going very well by saying, ‘We are enjoying a remarkable set of economic…

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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

Too big to fail and too big to bail?

In terms of the scale of public debt, Italy has been the elephant in Europe’s room for a long time. The Italian national debt is now €2.5tn which is 132%…

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Khalid A. Al-Falih Minister of Energy

Oil Wars

The US administration’s sanctions against Iranian oil exports came into force on the 4th November. This includes sanctions on corporations buying Iranian oil or trading with their central bank. Without…

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Chinese President Xi Jinping

China introduces targeted stimulus

The Shanghai Composite Index of the largest 300 companies (CSI 300) has had a very poor 2018 having fallen 24% up until November including an 8% drop in October. These…

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Japan looks good value

Since October’s heavy correction, it is becoming clear that while investors realise the world is slowing and expectations for growth are diminished, there are still opportunities for growth. In fact,…

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Prime Minister of india Narendra Modi

India is still a growth story

2018 has not been a good year for emerging markets. The Indian rupee slipped 15% against the strengthening US dollar and Indian stocks have endured a period of significant volatility.…

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Busy trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange

The growth of tech deals

Mergers and acquisitions activity in 2018 are set to be the highest on record with US$3.3tn of deals conducted by October 2018. A series of mega deals have contributed to…

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People walking in shopping center

The impact of online shopping

There are up to 200 UK shopping centres that are under threat of falling into administration due to the demise of traditional large anchor stores such as BHS and Toys…

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