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German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Theresa May

A hard affair?

Our last blog post and newsletter entitled ‘A Soft Affair’ was written soon after Prime Minister Teresa May published her governments negotiating position with the EU over Brexit. Since the publication of the so called ‘Chequers Agreement’ there has been much praise and criticism from both sides of the Brexit divide.

A great frustration for many interested parties is that our media coverage of Brexit has predominantly been delivered through the use of personality politics, concentrating on fundamental disagreements and has failed to inform the public on where the country is placed to adapt to major change or our ability to succeed. Many see the Chequers Agreement as an evolutionary approach to Brexit, one that could get through parliament while others will see it as a betrayal of Brexit with many unattractive restrictions placed upon the UK.

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President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May

A rather soft affair.

With the publication of the government’s white paper – The plan for the UK’s Brexit, it now seems almost inevitable that there will not be a substantial break away from…

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Our eight portfolios outperformed their respective national benchmarks on 47 out of 50 occasions

Collecively our eight portfolios outperformed their respective national benchmarks on 47 out of 50 occasions.

This edition of the investment portfolios has been one of the most demanding with so many factors at play at one time. We have taken into consideration global inflation, interest…

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Jerome Powell Chair of the Federal Reserve

An optimistic outlook can be held if inflation in the US is well behaved.

2017 was a year of exceptional equity returns for investors as global growth was synchronised across developed and emerging economies. The combination of both low inflation and low interest rates…

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US dollar bills

We may be heading for a combination of inflation and slowing growth.

The USA is further down the path to normalised economics than any other developed country. The labour market is tight with only 3.9% of the eligible workforce unemployed, wage growth…

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oil pump

The world has started to slow.

There is some evidence of the world economy slowing in part due to a reduction in global money supply. Europe is starting to feel the effects of the European Central…

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Drone flying with a delivery box package

Big tech offering big growth?

Facebook’s abuse of personal data has brought mega tech companies under the spot light of regulators keen to bring them to book and recover more tax revenue from them. While…

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Donald Trump speaks in New York

Analysts continue to be positive about the US.

Analysts continue to be positive about the US even after a strong 2017 and the fall offs in February and March. Dividend growth from corporate earnings is a significant contributor…

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Federal Reserve Building, Washington DC, USA.

10 year Treasury Bonds have risen above 3%.

Yields on the benchmark US 10 year Treasury Bonds have risen above 3% for the first time in more than four years. The US 10- year Treasury is the benchmark…

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Container Cargo ship in seaport, Freight Transportation

A trade deal looks the most likely outcome.

The IMF has warned that the on-going threat of a trade conflict between the USA and China has the potential to hurt global growth. We have already seen that President…

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