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Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May

Investors are becoming more confident about a Brexit deal

The global stock market recovery rally is entering its sixth consecutive week. This has been somewhat surprising given that the economic news is anything but inspiring? The answer has much…

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Top 100 Financial Advisers Cake 2018

Thank you for helping us make the top 100

We would like to thank the many clients who have been in touch to congratulate us on our entry into the FT Adviser top 100 adviser firms in the UK…

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House of Commons MPs debate

Edition 30 portfolios will not initially hold UK or European equity funds.

The risk of the UK leaving the EU on the 29th March without a pre-agreed exit deal has significantly increased. For several weeks we had expected an agreed withdrawal agreement…

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Collectively our portfolios outperformed their respective benchmarks on 50 out of 52 occasions

Collectively our portfolios outperformed their respective benchmarks on 50 out of 52 occasions.

We have been saying for the past six months that the blending and selection of investments for our Investment Portfolios has been challenging with so many global factors conspiring to…

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The People's Bank of China

The world has re-mortgaged

In the ten years since the financial crisis, the combination of central bank’s increasing their bond buying program’s and an increase in household, corporate and government borrowing has taken world…

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US Capitol Building, Washington DC

A changing world

The world has come a long way since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008. Regulators have overhauled the rules of banking and brokering in an attempt to correct…

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Christine Lagarde, President of the IMF

Global growth downgraded

Fund managers have continued to downgrade forecasts for global growth. The end of Q3 consensus forecasts for 2018 has been reduced to 3.2% from 3.4% in Q2 and for 2019…

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Donald Trump speaks in New York

Who holds the Trump card?

The exponential growth in China’s economy over the past forty years has brought hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens out of poverty and advanced the Chinese people’s standard of living…

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President Donald Trump and Jerome Powell

The biggest risk to the US economy?

In early October, the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell expressed his delight that the US economy was going very well by saying, ‘We are enjoying a remarkable set of economic…

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