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Investment Outlook Edition-28 Winter Spring 2018

Collectively our eight portfolios outperformed their respective national benchmarks on 39 out of 45 occasions

There seem few signs of a slowdown as growth is evident in the USA, Europe, Japan and the emerging economies. Despite the high valuations placed upon the developed world’s stock markets, the high profits in the US and recovery elsewhere continues to provide support for global equity markets. The major central banks of Europe, Britain and Japan continue to support low interest rates and liquidity.

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Jerome Powell Chair of the Federal Reserve

Complacency is probably the crucial factor in this correction.

Investor sentiment had been extremely optimistic in recent months and markets have been overbought, but that is now no longer the case. After last weeks near-4% decline, the S&P 500…

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London city skyline UK

Earnings growth continues to provide support to global equity markets

Investors have experienced strong total returns in 2017 across a range of asset classes. The combination of good growth numbers, low inflation, low interest rates and reduced volatility has aided…

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Busy trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange

Is this an end to the raging bull?

The debate as to whether we are coming to an end of the long running bull market is raging. The US economic improvement has run for longer than the average…

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Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May

A €50bn divorce bill?

It is becoming clear that in order for the UK to secure a favourable trade deal the EU want the UK to pay out a €50bn divorce bill. The EU…

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Bank of England

The possible impact of a No Deal

The Bank of England has recently stated that up to 75,000 high end jobs could be lost in the financial service sector following Britain’s departure from the EU. This assumes…

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Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Philip Hammond

The UK economy is slowing but still doing well

While the UK economy is still doing well we have fallen down the G20 growth league as others have caught up. The UK is growing at a rate that could…

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Mark Carney Governor of the Bank of England

We are still waiting for wages to rise

The number of people out of work fell to 1.4 million in Q3 leaving the jobless rate at 4.3%. UK unemployment is at a 42 year low and may fall…

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London city skyline UK

The All Property Index yield remains at 5.1%

Despite Brexit uncertainty, the UK commercial real estate market has continued to behave in line with long term trends. Asian investors accounted for the majority of oversea investors but American…

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European Central Bank

European growth exceeds the UK

The Eurozone grew by 0.6% in Q3 of 2017 which was above analysts’ expectations. The annual growth rate has been 2.5% while European unemployment stands at 8.9% which is the…

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