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Building Wealth

We focus our advice on creating bespoke wealth management plans that help you fulfil your financial objectives, expectations, and responsibilities. By aligning your current circumstances with your objectives, our financial advisers will work with you to create a long-term plan that also gives you the financial freedom to enjoy life to the full.

Estate Capital provide coordinated advice on deposits, investments, insurance, pensions, taxation, and estate planning, to ensure that you are getting the very best returns from all your investments.


We take care to understand your financial position and income requirements. Only through thorough assessment and understanding your requirements, can we construct an investment solution that is ideally suited to you. And, over time your needs and priorities will change and your financial arrangements will need to adapt accordingly.

Good Returns

We want you to benefit from good investment returns as well as being comfortable with the means by which your returns are achieved. It is important that your attitude to risk and your investments are regularly reviewed to ensure that they remain aligned with your objectives.

Reviews and Rebalancing

A key part of our ongoing service to our investors is the ongoing review and reporting of portfolio performance against national average benchmarks, appropriateness of portfolio, maintaining risk boundaries, fund selections and costs and charges.


All the portfolios we recommend are benchmarked against established national average performance using the Investment Association’s Mixed Investment.

Investment Solutions

We offer clients advice and access to a range of platform-based investment solutions that are designed to match the requirements of either capital accumulation, income taking decumulation, or ethical and sustainable investment. Our range of advised solutions come in the form of;

  • Our Estate Capital portfolios. These portfolios are managed on an advisory basis.
  • Our Crossing Point portfolios. These portfolios are managed on a discretionary basis.
  • The whole of market access to external investment company and insurance company’s products.

All our investment solutions are researched from the whole of market with each of the successful holdings meeting our due diligence and selection criteria. These criteria include performance measures, risk control, technical ratios, consistency of returns, Fund Manager ratings, management, and trading cost. We do recommend, where appropriate, internal solutions to minimise overall costs to investors.

By opting for Estate Capital’s investment management service, clients benefit from:

Increased efficiency and improved performance

Asset allocation that suits your risk profile

Up-to-date fund selection that reflects the prevailing market conditions

Greater potential to improve returns

It’s important to remember that the value of an investment and the income received from an investment can go down as well as up. Changes in exchange rates or taxation may have an adverse effect on the price, value or income of the investments. Investment returns may be constrained by charges levied and inflation may reduce the value of investments.

Download our free guide to investment management

A Guide to Investment Management

Maximise your returns with a level of risk you’re entirely comfortable with and make better informed investment decisions that are right for you.

Guide to Investment Management
Client Story - Investment Advice

Sound knowledge
Paul McAdam

They’re streets ahead of any of the other financial advisers I’ve worked with in the past. What reassures me about them most is their knowledge.

Financial Guides

Please read the many free financial guides we have provided on this website to help you make better-informed financial decisions that are right for you.

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As a FT Adviser Top 100 firm with a client retention rate of 98.7% and more than £330 million worth of assets overseen by our team – our clients have peace-of-mind that their finances are in safe hands.


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Our initial client meetings are offered without cost or obligation. We will meet these costs as we are yet agree how best we can work together.

Wealth management is the efficient management and co-ordination of each aspect of your overall estate. This includes cash deposits, investments, loans, insurance protections, pension funds and taxation planning.

We regularly review our client’s assets against agreed risk levels and national industry benchmarks in order to match risk and expectations.

We review at each meeting whether your capacity for loss and your appetite for risk remains constant or changed. We act on any changes by adapting your plan.

We review and update our in house investment portfolios every six months. We assess our asset allocation and fund selection from detailed and extensive research completed both in house and via third parties. Third party investments are monitored in the same way to ensure efficient use of capital.

Each week we research the highest paying deposit accounts. This weekly listing helps us advise clients on the best home for cash deposits.

For all clients entering retirement we produce a detailed cash flow model of pension fund capital values and income withdrawal using prudent growth measures. These reports offer clarity and confidence of future income and capital.

We review pension draw-down accounts annually to assess the performance of the underlying funds, current income levels and future needs, changes in legislation and the overall risk and sustainability of the fund.

Any changes in career or family circumstances will prompt the need for a review of personal protection to ensure those who need it are protected fully and effectively.

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