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Our fee structure is designed to offer loyal clients a reward for growing their wealth through us.

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We think it is important to offer clients simple, fair and transparent fees. We aim to ensure value from a well-resourced advice service that aligns our mutual interests.

Our initial client meeting is offered at no cost or obligation. We will meet those costs as we are yet to understand and agree how best we can work together. We are only remunerated if we act on your instruction and behalf.

Advice & Establishment Fees

Our advice and establishment fee is an initial one-off fee based on the capital sum invested or the monthly contribution made into a plan we have recommended and set up. This fee starts at 2% but reduces to 0.25% depending upon the size of this and of past investment. The tiers of funds invested are listed below.

Over £3,000,000
Over £1,000,000
Over £500,000
Over £250,000
Up to £250,000

Insurance & Annuity Commissions

We will receive an intermediary commission from the selected insurance company for the advice and arrangement of a contract of insurance or annuity purchase, which will be met through product charges.

Annual Service & Management Fees

Our service and management fee is an annual percentage of funds under advice. This fee starts at 0.75% per annum but reduces to 0.5% per annum as funds under advice increase. The tiers of funds under advice are listed below.

Portfolio value up to £1,000,000
0.75% pa
Portfolio value between £1,000,000 & £2,000,000
0.65% pa
Portfolio value over £2,000,000
0.5% pa

Fixed Fees

For certain specialist tasks we charge a fixed fee. Areas of work covered include:

Divorce pension splitting report
Trust asset review report
Property purchase within SIPP or SSAS
Retirement income forecast report
Annual financial health check

Value Added Tax

Our fees are charged for the advice and arrangement of financial products. The advice, arrangement and ongoing management of financial products is a regulated activity and is exempt from VAT. Our fixed fees may attract VAT.

Client Story - Investment Advice

Sound knowledge
Paul McAdam

They’re streets ahead of any of the other financial advisers I’ve worked with in the past. What reassures me about them most is their knowledge.
Client Story - Pension Transfer

Straightforward advice
Martin Rees

What really helped was having Phil explain things to me in great detail, without the jargon, which enabled me to make an informed decision. He made everything seem straightforward.
Client Story - Investment Advice

Specialist support
Anthony Rotondo

If I’ve got a problem with my heating I get a plumber in – it’s the same with financial advice; you need a specialist who can look after it for you.

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