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Estate Capital provides choice, flexibility and access to a comprehensive range of investment strategies. Since 2004 we have been conducting our own in-house research so that each of the funds that we recommend within our five portfolios has been personally monitored and selected. We offer a distinct investment service that has proven attraction to clients and professionals.

The individual funds that make up our diversified portfolios are chosen upon the quality of the fund manager and the consistency of past performance. Our portfolios have enjoyed an 18 year track record of consistent performance against established national benchmarks.

Updating Your Investments

The Estate Capital Portfolios are constantly monitored but are reviewed and updated every six months. At these reviews, we test the asset allocation for each portfolio using a portfolio modelling tool powered by research from actuaries Willis Towers Watson and investment data from Financial Express and Morningstar. We review all the individual investment fund selections that make up the portfolios in order to maintain good performance.

Maintaining Your Risk Profile

Once we’ve determined your investor risk profile, it is important that your portfolio remains within your chosen asset allocation range. With investments growing or falling at differing rates, it is easy for an allocation of assets to become out of balance to the original risk profile. Similarly, it is possible that a previously selected fund may not perform as well as expected or as well as it may have done in the past when it satisfied our selection criteria.

The justification for our portfolio selections is found in our Investment Outlook report that accompanies each edition of our portfolios.

By opting for Estate Capital’s investment management service, clients benefit from:

Increased efficiency and improved performance

Asset allocation that suits your risk profile

Up-to-date fund selection that reflects the prevailing market conditions

Greater potential to improve returns

It’s important to remember that the value of an investment and the income received from an investment can go down as well as up. Changes in exchange rates or taxation may have an adverse effect on the price, value or income of the investments. Investment returns may be constrained by charges levied and inflation may reduce the value of investments.

Client Story - Investment Advice

Specialist support
Anthony Rotondo

If I’ve got a problem with my heating I get a plumber in – it’s the same with financial advice; you need a specialist who can look after it for you.
Client Story - Investment Advice

Sound knowledge
Paul McAdam

They’re streets ahead of any of the other financial advisers I’ve worked with in the past. What reassures me about them most is their knowledge.

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Please read the many testimonial endorsements our clients have provided on this website to see what they say about our advice and on-going service.

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Our initial client meetings are offered without cost or obligation. We will meet these costs as we are yet agree how best we can work together.

All investment carries risk. We can manage risk to acceptable levels of volatility through the blending of different types of assets that behave in different ways. Asset allocation can give investors’ confidence about the likely future range of returns and anticipated average likely return for each risk category of portfolio. We publish these returns every six months.

Each portfolio has a published anticipated average rate of return. This figure is the gross annual anticipated return but is not guaranteed. We publish our past five years cumulative and discrete performance as measured against the most relevant national risk related benchmark every six months. We are pleased to report that our portfolios consistently outperform the recognised national benchmarks.

We recommend that investors stay invested in our portfolios for a minimum of five years. This is due to the nature of investment and the time needed to participate in an economic growth cycle.

The longer an investment portfolio is left to grow the more that compounding growth factors will improve overall returns.

This does not mean that investors cannot access their capital from the portfolios at any time without penalty.

The minimum amount of money one can invest is £5,000 single payment or £100 pm regular contribution. There are no maximums.

All our portfolios comprise of daily traded funds so your commitment to an investment is simply as long or as short as you wish. For monthly savings the same applies.

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Our financial advisers have a wealth of experience helping clients with their investment planning. We can help you build and benefit from wise and prudent investment portfolios. We believe it’s important that you to have confidence in your investments and the peace-of-mind to enjoy life to the full.

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