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Oxford University’s Covid-19 vaccine has produced a strong immune response across all age groups.

  • Monday, November 2, 2020

Oxford University’s Covid-19 vaccine has produced a strong immune response across all age groups according to data from the Phase 2 testing trials. The fact that the vaccine found immune responses to the age groups of over 70’s who often fail to mount a sufficient strong response to Covid is very encouraging. These results allowed Oxford University and Astra Zeneca to confirm that the vaccine boosted both immunity in the form of antibodies and T-cells.

The drug is also undergoing a large Phase 3 testing trial across several countries in order to establish how well it is actually doing in protecting patients from Covid 19.

As part of a ramp up in the role out of the drug, doses of the vaccine are already being manufactured even before the final studies have been submitted for approval to regulators. It is now expected that some people will get access to the vaccine before the new year.

In his broadcast on Saturday evening, The Prime Minister confirmed progress on a Covid-19 vaccine. The NHS is now gearing up to start inoculations of the first 10 categories of citizens, which include the over 50’s and all health, care and social workers. This is some 30 million people and can start from December subject to the vaccine being approved. It is possible that these 30 million can be vaccinated by May so long as everything goes to plan. Once that group is vaccinated the rest of the population will then be addressed.

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