Liam Connor

Client Relations Manager


Key Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) Business Management
  • Chartered Insurance Institute Diploma in Financial Planning (CII)
  • Chartered Insurance Institute Certificate in Discretionary Investment Management (CII)


As a client, Liam is most likely to be your on-going point of contact for investment services or plan administration.

Liam’s role is to maintain and manage our clients in force business. He takes responsibility for recording and updating client details, changes in contributions and dealing with the many and varied queries we get in a fast, efficient and accurate manner.

Liam is part of the investment management team and responsible for the building, implementation and on-going rebalancing and management of our eight “in house” investment portfolios. He compiles all our due diligence on investment platforms, fund pricing, portfolio costs and our monthly portfolio performance reports.

Liam is also responsible or the preparation of client records and investment reports prior to client meetings

Liam also drafts our suitability of advice reports for all our new investments, pensions or insurance plans.

Liam is part of the investment team. He has been part of the Estate Capital Team since 2010 and contributes to our blog page.

It is Liam’s knowledge and experience of our clients and their arrangements that helps us deliver a first class service to our private and corporate clients.

— [ esteit ]

The accumulation of property and assets.

All the money and assets owned by an individual.

— [ kapitel ]

Wealth in the form of money or other assets owned by a person or organisation.

The employment of money in the production of greater wealth.

Estate Capital
— [ esteit kapitel ]

Aiding the growth and accumulation of personal and family wealth and its transfer through the generations.