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Make better-informed financial decisions that are right for you.

Speak with one of our chartered financial advisers – we'll take the time to understand your circumstances before providing financial advice that's relevant to you.

Independent Financial Advice you can trust.

Our purpose is to help you achieve your lifestyle and financial objectives. Working together, we’ll develop a long-term financial plan that is right for you – giving you financial independence and the reassurance of financial security.

We operate on a strict ‘know your client’ and ‘best advice’ basis – before making recommendations we take the time to understand your financial position and explain why our financial advice is relevant for you personally.

Recognising that life evolves and circumstances change, we’ll review and update your financial plan on an ongoing basis to ensure your financial plan continues to align your current circumstances with your long-term objectives.

We’re always considering the tax implications of our advice and ensuring your finances are handled in the most tax efficient way possible.

Built on the experience, knowledge and dedication of our team, Estate Capital are trusted by many of Swansea’s most established firms of accountants and solicitors, who regularly invite us to provide advice on client financial matters.

We are committed to providing professional unbiased advice and remain completely independent from any bank, building society, insurance company or investment house. With a client retention rate of 98.7% and more than £215 million worth of assets overseen by our team, our clients have peace-of-mind that their finances are in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Advice

Our initial client meetings are offered without cost or obligation. We will meet these costs as we are yet agree how best we can work together.

We think it is important to offer clients simple, fair and transparent fees. We aim to ensure value from a well-resourced advice service that aligns our mutual interests. Our charges are benchmarked against national averages every year to ensure that we are always competitive.

Our advice and establishment fee is an initial one off fee based upon the capital sum invested or the monthly contribution made into an investment or pension plan we have researched and recommended. This fee starts at 2% but reduces to 0.5% dependent upon the size of the investment.

New clients are most often introduced to us through a very satisfied existing client that they know. What we do for one, may not suit another, so we need to understand you.

We want to understand your ambitions, your hopes, dreams and fears. Money may be the means but not the objective. We need to understand the future you desire, your values and principles so your financial plan works for you.

We review and analyse existing investments to ensure all holdings are appropriate and market leading. A full review in itself often creates better understanding and confidence. Before making any recommendation we will fully explain why our financial solution is relevant to you. We always consider the tax implications of our advice and ensure that your finances are handled in the most tax efficient way possible.

All of our recommendations are fully explained in a comprehensive Suitability of Advice letter. This letter covers the reason and relevance of our recommendations. The details of the plan, the selected investment, your capacity for loss, attitude to risk and taxation implications will all be covered. We also provide policy key features, investment fact sheets, specific reports and illustrations of benefits.

If you are happy with our recommendations we will implement them on your behalf with the chosen financial institution along with any trust documents that may be relevant.

Financial advice is not just for today but potentially for the rest of your life. We want clients able to make well informed financial decisions that are right for you now and for the future.

For your planning to remain relevant and your investment choices reviewed we will offer a contract of ongoing service. We will discuss which level of our four service levels is appropriate for you.

Areas of Financial Advice

  • Pensions Funds
  • Self-Invested Pensions
  • New Individual Savings Accounts (NISAs)
  • Investment Funds
  • Investment Trusts
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Insurance Bonds
  • Savings
  • Tax Efficient Investment
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Protection
  • Health & Medical Protection

Our Financial Specialists

Chris Davies

Chartered Financial Adviser

Phil Johnson

Independent Financial Adviser

Kate White

Paraplanner Manager

Mandy Armstrong

Paraplanner and IT Manager

Need Financial Advice

If you would like to discuss any financial issues, we would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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