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Growth of personal assets through wise investment is the basis of financial security. Estate Capital looks after investments for private clients, their trusts and their pension funds.

We take care to understand your financial position and income requirements. Only through thorough assessment and understanding your requirements, can we construct an investment solution that is ideally suited to you. And, over time your needs and priorities will change and your financial arrangements will need to adapt accordingly.

We want you to benefit from good investment returns as well as being comfortable with the means by which your returns are achieved. It is important that your attitude to risk and your investments are regularly reviewed to ensure that they remain aligned with your objectives. 

Investment Planning

Once we have agreed your attitude to risk, your tolerance of loss, investment criteria and investment term we can then recommend a suitable investment strategy. The selected portfolio will be constructed to match your risk profile throughout the life of the investment through our regular review, updates and rebalancing.

Against a constantly changing world, often the most efficient investment outcome is achieved using a blend of investments. A portfolio of diversified assets can shield an investment from the effects of market volatility, beat inflation, and provide long term capital growth as well as a regular income if required.

This solution can be achieved using a combination of passive and active management balancing your risk appetite with the costs incurred in your investments. A suitable portfolio can be built including different regional and sector characteristics, using a range of investment management styles from a selection of different fund groups and asset classes.

We want our clients to feel comfortable and reassured through our robust asset allocation and fund selection process. The quality of our selected investments provides confidence through both good and bad times.

Depending on factors such as growth requirements, investment criteria, costs and ethical considerations Estate Capital will create an investment solution that is robust and sustainable, well researched, efficient, risk managed and best meets your personal objectives.

Our financial advisers will help you determine a 'expected mean return' and an expected “range of returns” based on your requirements, and explain how best to achieve your financial objectives  while saving you time and the responsibility of managing investments efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions about Investment Management

All investment carries risk. We can manage risk to acceptable levels of volatility through the blending of different types of assets that behave in different ways. Asset allocation can give investors’ confidence about the likely future range of returns and anticipated average likely return for each risk category of portfolio. We publish these returns every six months.

Each portfolio has a published anticipated average rate of return. This figure is the gross annual anticipated return but is not guaranteed. We publish our past five years cumulative and discrete performance as measured against the most relevant national risk related benchmark every six months. We are pleased to report that our portfolios consistently outperform the recognised national benchmarks.

We recommend that investors stay invested in our portfolios for a minimum of five years. This is due to the nature of investment and the time needed to participate in an economic growth cycle.

The longer an investment portfolio is left to grow the more that compounding growth factors will improve overall returns.

This does not mean that investors cannot access their capital from the portfolios at any time without penalty.

The minimum amount of money one can invest is £5,000 single payment or £100 pm regular contribution. There are no maximums.

All our portfolios comprise of daily traded funds so your commitment to an investment is simply as long or as short as you wish. For monthly savings the same applies.

Areas of Investment Advice

  • Investment Fund Portfolios
  • ISA Portfolios
  • Investment Trust Portfolios
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Trust Funds
  • Self Invested Personal Pensions
  • Pension Fund Drawdown Accounts
  • On-Shore & Off-Shore Investment Bonds
  • Insurance Bonds
  • Savings
  • Tax Efficient Investment

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