Investment Management

Maximise your returns with a level of risk you’re entirely comfortable with.

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Investment Management

Estate Capital provides choice, flexibility and access to a comprehensive range of investment strategies. We conduct our own in house research so that each of the funds that we recommend within our portfolios has been personally reviewed. We offer a distinct investment service that has proven attraction to clients and professionals.

The individual funds that make up our diversified portfolios are selected upon the quality of the fund manager and the consistency of past performance.

Maintaining Your Risk Profile

Once we’ve determined your investor risk profile, it is important that your portfolio remains within your chosen asset allocation range. Our client portfolios are regularly updated with our current fund selection to make sure asset allocations are maintained. Of course, investors can at any time request changes in asset holdings or risk profile, and it’s our aim to offer a service that fully utilises technology – updating your portfolio online as soon as new versions are published.

Updating Your Investments

With investments growing or falling at differing rates, it is easy for an asset allocation to become out of balance. Similarly, it is possible that a previously selected fund may not perform as well as expected or as well as it may have done in the past when it satisfied our selection criteria. Also, due to constantly changing market conditions some portfolios may become more cautious or speculative over time.

By opting for Estate Capital’s investment management service, clients benefit from:

  • Increased efficiency and improved performance
  • Asset allocation that suits your risk profile
  • Up-to-date fund selection that reflects the prevailing market conditions
  • Greater potential to improve returns

Our investment management service is available to clients with any of the following investments:

  • General Investment Accounts
  • New Individual Savings Accounts (NISA´s)
  • Offshore Investment Bonds with General Investment Accounts
  • Onshore Investment Bonds
  • Personal Pensions
  • Self Invested Personal Pension

It’s important to remember that the value of an investment and the income received from an investment can go down as well as up. Changes in exchange rates or taxation may have an adverse effect on the price, value or income of the investments. Investment returns may be constrained by charges levied and inflation may reduce the value of investments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Investment Management

All investment carries risk. We can manage risk to acceptable levels of volatility through the blending of different types of assets that behave in different ways. Asset allocation can give investors’ confidence about the likely future range of returns and anticipated average likely return for each risk category of portfolio. We publish these returns every six months.

Each portfolio has a published anticipated average rate of return. This figure is the gross annual anticipated return but is not guaranteed. We publish our past five years cumulative and discrete performance as measured against the most relevant national risk related benchmark every six months. We are pleased to report that our portfolios consistently outperform the recognised national benchmarks.

We recommend that investors stay invested in our portfolios for a minimum of five years. This is due to the nature of investment and the time needed to participate in an economic growth cycle.

The longer an investment portfolio is left to grow the more that compounding growth factors will improve overall returns.

This does not mean that investors cannot access their capital from the portfolios at any time without penalty.

The minimum amount of money one can invest is £5,000 single payment or £100 pm regular contribution. There are no maximums.

All our portfolios comprise of daily traded funds so your commitment to an investment is simply as long or as short as you wish. For monthly savings the same applies.

Our Investment Management Specialists

Chris Davies

Chartered Financial Adviser

Phil Johnson

Independent Financial Adviser

Tomiko Evans

Investment Research Analyst

Liam Connor

Client Relations Manager

Need Investment Advice

If you would like to discuss any investment management issues, we would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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