Discretionary Investment Management

Consider an alternative investment strategy.

Speak with one of our chartered financial advisers – we’ll take the time to understand your circumstances before providing financial advice that’s relevant to you.

Discretionary Investment Management

This service offers active portfolio management whereby the investment decisions and changes to the portfolio are made without prior reference. The manager can react quickly to market conditions and can rebalance and switch funds within previously agreed objectives and risk tolerances.

A discretionary investment service is not currently offered by Estate Capital. We do expect to offer a discretionary service from Summer 2018. Therefore, this service is provided via our panel of stockbrokers and investment managers. In the event that we identity that a discretionary investment service is a suitable option for you, we will introduce you to one of a panel of stockbrokers and investment managers.

Our Investment Specialists

Chris Davies

Chartered Financial Adviser

Tomiko Evans

Investment Research Analyst

Liam Connor

Client Relations Manager

Mike Buckle

Academic Consultant

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