Defensive Investor

You prefer to take a small amount of risk to achieve modest or relatively stable returns. You accept there may be some short term fluctuations in value.


The Defensive Portfolio is a blended style strategy. It is aimed at medium to long term investors who are seeking a cautious investment that has a genuine prospect of capital growth above cash based investments.

The chosen investment funds can invest in fixed interest securities, commercial property, cash, UK and overseas equities and alternative assets. They are actively managed by leading fund managers to maximise total return whilst maintaining control of risk.

The Defensive Portfolio performance is benchmarked against the average performance of the IA Mixed Investment 0%–35% sector and has a risk rating and investor profile of 2 out of 10.



Potential return of 11.25% & potential loss of -5.09%



Managed daily by our personally selected fund managers



Held in risk to drive growth, vs the stability of bonds & property.



The weighted total cost for the portfolio including management, trading & research costs.


A risk level 2 investor should be prepared to accept annual returns somewhere within the range of a -5.09% loss and a 11.25% gain — returns within this range would be expected 95% of the time. It should be remembered that there is a 5% chance that risk level 2 portfolios will experience an annual return outside this range — this means an investor may experience losses greater than -5.09% or gains greater than 11.25% at some point(s) during their investment in one year.

Prospective Risk Level
Prospective Risk Level 2
Historic Risk Level
Historic Risk Level 2